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Thank you for visiting our online warehouse for pump seal kits, mechanical seals, packing, pump parts and other fluid sealing products. We are a leading full-line distributor of fluid sealing products for Industrial, Municipal and Commercial facilities nationwide. Rely upon our expertise for all your fluid sealing applications.

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Single and Double Seal Family
Single & Double Seals for SMITH & LOVELESS

We carry a complete line of replacement Single & Double seals for Smith & Loveless Pumps. Same Day Shipments are available for all seal sizes and configurations. Silicon Carbide seal faces and Viton O-Rings are available for superior abrasion and chemical resistance (Not available from S&L). Our seals are direct replacements and require no pump modifications. Superior and/or equilavent materials ensure reliable service life. Made in USA.
T & TY Seal Kit
Rebuilding a Faribanks-Morse, FE Myers, Yeomans, Hydromatic, Aurora or KSB Submersible Pump? Tired of the high prices and long lead-times from the Pump OEM or local distributor? Contact us for Rebuild Kits and individual replacement components. We can provide new Upper & Lower Seals, Pump/Motor O-Rings and Upper & Lower Bearings for most submersible pumps. If you have a "T" or "TY" Frame Motor, we have the parts you need.
Complete Rebuild Kit
Complete Seal Kits are available for over 50 different ITT-Flygt Pump models. Our kits include Upper & Lower Seals, All Pump/Motor O-Rings and Upper & Lower Bearings. Individual components are also available. All stainless steel metal parts increase robustness of our seals versus the plastic OEM seal design. All seals are drop-in replacements that do not require pump modifications. Our pre-set cartridge seal design will reduce installation errors and decrease repair time. Greatly reduce your maintenance costs and increase your equipment reliability.
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Seals for SMITH & LOVELESS -- Replacement Single & Double seals for all Smith & Loveless Pumps.
Seal Kits for T & TY Frame Submersible Motors -- Upper & Lower Seals, Bearings and O-Rings for T & TY Frame Motors
Seal Kits for ITT-Flygt Pumps & Mixers -- Upper & Lower Seals, Bearings and O-Rings for ITT-Flygt Pumps
SINGLE SPRING SEALS -- "PS" Seals (Pac-Seal, John Crane, US Seal, etc)
BSE2 & BSE3 Seal Kits -- Complete Seal Kits for Peerless Pumps
Series C Close-Coupled Pumps
Series F Frame-Mounted Pumps
HVAC Pump Seals and Parts -- Replacement Seals and Pump Parts listed by Pump OEM (Armstrong, Bell & Gossett)
CARTRIDGE SEALS -- Single & Double Cartridge Seals
PACKING for Pumps & Valves -- Compression Packing for All Services
SPECIAL DEALS -- Overstocked Items and Close-Outs
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Basic Packing Tool Kit
BSE2 KIT (Peerless Pump)
BSE3 KIT (Peerless Pump)
Armstrong Pump Seals
Flygt Model 3127
Flygt Model 3201
H60A121 Dbl (D-Shaft 3")
H87A28 Sgl (B-Shaft 1-7/8")